Training Course Packages

About the Instructor - Ann Kurlovich

I have been working as a consultant for over 7 years.  This does not include the many years of building of my skills and knowledge as I worked directly within business.    My start began in the small business world which gave me in insider’s knowledge as to the requirements of small business and the challenges everyone faces due to time constraints or staff that is not qualified to take on projects of a larger magnitude.  

This is where someone with my experience and knowledge can come in and get the project completed and your staff trained. I have surrounded myself with a community of like minded people who share the same passion and experience that I have, to work with me when circumstances dictate it. Individually we discovered the efficiencies of working in the cloud and now specialize in QuickBooks Online and the various apps that integrate with it. 

Together we have become a very strong team. Our training is relevant, we create related workflows and have had proven success with this process.  This training is hands on and typically it is completed on site.  We have also completed virtual training for clients who are more distant.

When you work with a group of people at this experience level, you will have a successful outcome in a much shorter time frame.


Full Package - $9,000 per employee (exc. GST) - Duration 6 to 8 weeks (26 Hours)

Maximum 6 Students per session

This course provides an intense learning environment, jam packed with a lot of information. After completion of the course outline below bookkeeping staff will be able to do monthly bookkeeping for your clients in Quickbooks Online as well as be able to use the apps and app workflows taught in this course. Your staff will also be able to support and train your clients on the usage of some of these apps to create efficiencies. Your staff will have the theoretical knowledge to take the Quickbooks Online Advanced Certification Exam as well as do the Receiptbank & Plooto certifications. 

* Please note that a certificate of completion will be issued upon the completion of this course. This does NOT guarantee the successful outcome of the above exams and certifications.*

Session 1: Quickbooks Online Advanced Training (4 hours) - After session 1 staff will have advanced skills to navigate Quickbooks Online and set up various industries and reporting requirements and job costing/time and billing

Training on:

  • Inventory 

  • Multi-currency module

  • Reporting

  • Classes and locations

Session 2: App Training - ReceiptBank or HubDoc (3 hours) - After session 2 staff will have advanced skills to navigate ReceiptBank and train clients on basic usage

Training on:

·         Tips and Tricks for ReceiptBank oe HubDoc

·         ReceiptBank or HubDoc GST & split transactions

·         Admin/user permissions 

·         Best practices for uploading documentation

·         CRA electronic documentation storage requirements

·         Actual client set up - if available

Session 3: App Training - Plooto, Rewind, Cloud Payroll (3 hours) - After session 3 staff will have advanced skills to navigate Plooto (electronic payments app) and train clients on basic usage and also understand Quickbooks Online backup options. Staff will also have skills to navigate Quickbooks Online Payroll as well as optional payroll apps such as Payment Evolution or Wage Point

Training on:

·         Tips and Tricks for Plooto and other electronic payment apps

·         Admin/user permissions 

·         Best practices for security 

·         Backup options for Quickbooks Online

·         Quickbooks Online payroll

·         Admin/user permissions 

·         Payment Evolution or Wage Point - company & employee set up, payroll processing etc.

·         Import of time sheets training

Session 4: Customer Onboarding Training (6 hours) - After session 4 staff will be able to work with clients and assist clients in implementation and set up of above apps. This is 2 practical sessions training staff and firms' clients on onboarding

Training on:

·         Cloud and conversion conversations with clients

·         Benefits to the firms' clients of the above apps

·         Assisting clients with Quickbooks Online questions and app set up

·         Identifying pain points and solutions


Session 5: Workflow Optimization Training (6 hours) - After session 5 staff will be able to troubleshoot client files and optimize workflows - this will be broken into 2 sessions of 3 hours each. This session brings Sessions 1-3 together in a practical workshop style environment

Training on:

·         Problem areas

·         Client specific pain points

·         More efficient client file processing 

·         Correct app workflows - directional data flow

·         Integration of apps with Quickbooks Online

·         Banking feeds and rules

·         Reconciliation troubleshooting

·         GST Module

·         Accountant toolbox within QuickBooks Online- batch data processing, audit trails etc.

Session 6: Best Practices Training - Onboarding & Conversions (4 hours) - After session 6 staff will be comfortable to do conversions from other software to Quickbooks Online as well as understand best practices when onboarding a new client in their Quickbooks Online files

Training on:

·         Timing of conversions and onboarding

·         Onboarding checklist (Accounts Payable/Receivable, Stale dated cheques, GST issues with conversions, company file set up, customizations & defaults)

·         File clean up before conversions

Full Day customized training- $3,500 per day (exc. GST)

Maximum 10 students per session. 


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