How to Evolve Your Business

The year is 2019, business functions sure changed in the last few decades.   There used to be a time when we were inundated with paper, bills came in the mail, our software was on a desktop and that is where you sat to do your work.   Go figure - you actually talked to your co-workers to get information or took our paper cheques to the bank to be deposited.

In the new era, the new buzzwords are "virtual", "automation", "paperless".    Much of the work that I do, I can do from anywhere that I have internet access.   I can do work for my clients, run payrolls, train via Zoom and have my software automate processes so I have less manual work to do.

If this sounds like a fantasy that you want to be a part of, but don't know how to start - keep reading.   Much of the work that I do is to help people and businesses just like you.   I take on bigger software implementation projects, train and coach people, and help them to move their businesses forward.   I can help you also.

Intro To Training

Check out my youtube video with this content:

My name is Ann Kurlovich and I am the owner of Ann Kurlovich Consulting Services

I specialize software training and consulting and have worked with many people over the last 5 years.

My number one software I train people on is accounting Software – QuickBooks desktop, QuickBooks Online and Sage 50.  Some of my clients are brand new to bookkeeping, others have basic experience but want to learn more advanced options.

I want to give you a brief overview of exactly what I do.

When I train my clients, my goal is to help them learn the software, educate them and give them the tools & confidence to be able to think things through on their own.  

The training I do is typically one-on-one at my clients work site.   This is their comfort zone – their keyboard, their computer monitor, their documentation.   As we go through the training, it is very meaningful to them and their business.   We accomplish both real life training and get some work completed – which provides solid examples.

Some of the first tips I give my clients:

  • Money in your bank account is a debit
  • Start with what you know
  • Make your accounting software replicate what happens in real life

These 3 very basic thoughts will often start the ball rolling and helps bookkeepers and non-bookkeepers figure out the key components required for an entry.

I will be progressing through some of the common mistakes I see & questions I am asked, so stay tuned for my next video.   If there is an issue you would like to see addressed in upcoming videos, you can always send an email to me at

 See you next time.

Mobile Business Apps

There are many apps in existence that work with QuickBooks online.   These apps can service two purposes – deal with a specific need and then automate data syncing into QuickBooks Online.    Do the work once, not twice.

Mobile Point of Sale is becoming more and more common.  Whether it be at a trade show booth, a kiosk, a food truck or a small retail environment.   One of the Mobile POS programs that I have seen work is Square.   Square gives you the capability of specifying invoice items, processing credit card payment, then letting you email the invoice to your customer.   Square has the same functionality with cash or cheque sales, just take out the credit card payment processing.    Square has reporting capabilities so you can track your sales, see how much of each product was sold and payment method.   A great tool for the mobile world we live in.

Now comes the REALLY GREAT news – if you are a QuickBooks Online user, you can sync Square to your QuickBooks Online Data file.    Square will sync in your sales data – matching the sales in Square to your matching items in QuickBooks Online.   Credit card payment transactions will be fully automated to receive the payment into undeposited funds and then flow through to the bank account you designate upon setup of the sync.   What up the cash or cheque sales – what happens to them?   The payments from these sales will stay in undeposited funds until you do up a deposit to take to the bank.   Just like any other deposit, you go into your data file and do a Deposit, which moves the money from undeposited funds to your banking account.

This is a fully automated system that lets you have the reporting functionality to make management decisions at month end.  You will know cash flow, what is being sold, how much is being sold and how payments are made.   All of this with the automation of syncing to eliminate the duplication of work