Introduction to Training

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My name is Ann Kurlovich and I am the owner of Ann Kurlovich Consulting Services

I specialize software training and consulting and have worked with many people over the last 6 years.

My number one software I train people on is accounting Software – QuickBooks desktop, QuickBooks Online and Sage 50.  Some of my clients are brand new to bookkeeping, others have basic experience but want to learn more advanced options.

I want to give you a brief overview of exactly what I do.

When I train my clients, my goal is to help them learn the software, educate them and give them the tools & confidence to be able to think things through on their own.  

The training I do is typically one-on-one at my clients work site.   This is their comfort zone – their keyboard, their computer monitor, their documentation.   As we go through the training, it is very meaningful to them and their business.   We accomplish both real life training and get some work completed – which provides solid examples.

Some of the first tips I give my clients:

  • Money in your bank account is a debit
  • Start with what you know
  • Make your accounting software replicate what happens in real life

These 3 very basic thoughts will often start the ball rolling and helps bookkeepers and non-bookkeepers figure out the key components required for an entry.

 I will be progressing through some of the common mistakes I see & questions I am asked, so stay tuned for my next video.   If there is an issue you would like to see addressed in upcoming videos, you can always send an email to me at

 See you next time.