Accounting Software Conversions


It is common for businesses to use the same accounting software for years.  Why not?   They are familiar with it, all of their historical financial data is in place, they have a strong comfort zone with it.   

So why do businesses ever need to convert their data to a different software?    The answer is their needs change.

I have been involved with many accounting software conversions.  Here is list to give the feel for what I am talking about:

  • Sage 50 to QuickBooks Pro

  • Sage Quantam to QuickBooks Enterprise

  • QuickBooks Enterprise to QuickBooks Pro

  • QuickBooks Desktop imported to Quickbooks Online

The most common reason I see has to do with Pricing of the higher end versions of the software or the ability for a different accounting software to integrate with a third party application.  There can also be times when a conversion is a part of a workflow change.

Many businesses may not have staff who are experienced enough to complete a conversion or the time involved.   My role in a software conversion is very similar to my role as a workflow specialist.   The big component that is missing is the third party apps.   If the reason for change is because of a third party software integration, this then becomes a part of the project.

I start with a meeting to determine what the company's need are.   We then work together to come up with a game plan.  My extensive experience provides invaluable for:

  • technology

  • the technical accounting end

  • speaking with the various tech support people to fine tune any issues that may arise

  • calming down a stressful situation

This may sound very familiar to what I described as a workflow specialist.   It is, many of the processes involved are very similar.

If your company would like a software conversion but you need an experienced person to lead the team, contact me at 780-914-8676 for further information.