Onboarding Implementation Training


The onboarding implementation training is an indepth training program that is geared towards accountants or people wanted to get started with the QuickBooks Online onboarding industry.

This training is very labour intensive, will be ongoing over several weeks and will last a bare minimum of 35 hours. Once completed, you will have the knowledge to complete this process within an accounting firm or with individual businesses.


One-on-One & Group Instruction

I have been teaching and training people with QuickBooks Online for over 5 years.  My training plans are customized for each training situation.  This involves direct interaction with my students with practical training with an end goal of success as a final goal. 

Each course will have an evaluation of skills.  Each student will need to demonstrate an understanding of the skills involved and be able to apply this skills to their project.   Upon successful completion, there will be a Certificate of Completion.

Instructor: Ann Kurlovich
Ann Kurlovich Consulting Services


1.     Full Package - $12,000 per employee

  • QBOA Setup & Profile

  • QBO Basic Training

  • App Training - Payment Evolution

  • App Training – Receipt Bank

  • App Training – Plooto, Rewind

  • Workflow optimization training

  • Customer onboarding training - on site

  • Zoom training meetings (6)

  • Best practices training – onboarding, conversion

   2. Full Package - $50,000 up to 5 employees

3.     Full Day Sessions (6 Hours) - $2500 per day