Other Services

We can provide many of the specialized small business services that each business may use on occasion but may not have a designated person on staff with the time nor knowledge to do.   Services such as:

  • Group Training or One-on-One Training
  •  Outlook / Google calendars – more than just calendars
  • Business solutions with targeted results
  • Office 365 Training
  • Windows 10 Training
  • Going back to prior operating system (if within 1 month of windows 10 upgrade)
  •  Creating Power Point presentations
  • Issuing T4’s & T4 Summary
  • Calculating and submitting WCB Insurable Earnings
  • Creating ROE’s
  • Year end adjusting entries / readying for year end
  • Evaluating current processes and recommendations that will help improve efficiency and accuracy
  • Software installs or upgrades
  •  Dealing with Canada Revenue Agency or your year end accountant on your behalf

We offer a variety of services - from the very basic to the more complex.  Call us at 780-914-8676 to discuss how we can help.