Life as a QuickBooks Online Workflow Specialist


With the advancement of cloud software and new technologies, the office workflow is ever changing.  QuickBooks Online is a part of this change.    When used with third party apps that integrate with QuickBooks online, your office workflow will become streamlined, routine data entry will be minimized and your time will be freed up to do other pressing work.

This process change can be overwhelming for business owners.

  • How do I start

  • What does all this mean

  • Help, who can I turn to

As a QuickBooks Online Workflow Specialist, I can help you through the process.   Every business has different needs, so no two workflow projects are identical.   The more advanced projects are staged out over several months, others are "get us up and running right away, get us trained and then we will deal with the add-ons later".

Typcially I start a Workflow project with a meeting to determine what the company's needs are.   We look at current workflow, specific industry requirements, technology to be involved and the training that will be required to make this all work.   We then work together to come up with a game plan.   Having done this sort of work for several years, my experience is a valuable asset with:

  • technology

  • the technical accounting end

  • speaking with the various tech support people to fine tune any issues that may arise

  • calming down a stressful situation

  • full training

  • ongoing support

If your company is looking at joining the QuickBooks Online Ecosytem, contact me at 780-914-8676 for further information.